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A.D.I.S. - Advanced Devices & Integrated Systems

The research line is conceived to favour the interaction among neuromorphic devices and sensors and the development of innovative electronic architectures, circuits and systems. This multi-domain interaction - referred to the diverse engineering problems that need to be solved to achieve an advanced device or an electronic system – is carried out through:

- Advanced Devices, exploiting memristor networks and functional inks, and Electronic Systems Architectures based on  diverse engineering problems assuming the same application domain (that is, robotics); and

- advanced Integrated Systems based on an intelligent merge of both worlds.


ADIS's Laboratories

Electronics & CADLab. The electronic engineering labs permit the design and the experimental validation of full-custom IC microchips and electronic systems in general with diverse packaging technology. The CADLAB is an ICT laboratory which runs on dedicated servers, that shares roomspace with the Electronics Lab, and permits the design of integrated circuits using dedicated Electronics Design Automation tools, with remote accessibility.

ECLab -  Electrical Characterization Lab


NMLab - Nano Materials Laboratory

TFLab - Thin Film Lab

Some activities are carried out in the following laboratories: 




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