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Reverse Engineering and Metrology Laboratory

REMLab is equipped with a Gom’s Atos and RPT 80 Roughness tester. 

Atos is used in development, quality control and production to reduce time and costs. Application areas include:

  • 3D Inspection: precise 3D coordinate measurement for shape and dimensional analysis, GD&T, statistical process control (SPC), etc;
  • Reverse Engineering. It is used primarily in design and product development to digitize manually created design models, for example in automobile and prototype construction, as well as transferring manual changes to the models to the CAD. In product development in particular, the measurement data improves the simulations because it ensures that the actual form of the model matches the form of the computer model that is used in the simulation.
  • Rapid Prototyping. Methods such as 3D printing and other additive manufacturing processes allow the design and manufacture of component geometries, which in the past were not possible to produce with conventional processes. Mostly, these geometries consist of organic designs and freeform surfaces. With 3D scanner, the complete surface of any component is scanned quickly. Without further processing, the resulting 3D data (STL) immediately can be copied and duplicated in a 3D printer.


GOM ATOS Compact Scan 2M

The ATOS Compact Scan defines a new class of scanner for 3D measurement and inspection. The lightweight, compact construction opens new application areas and ensures ultimate adaptability for 3-dimensional measuring of components such as casted and injection molded parts, forms and models, interiors, prototypes, design models, ...

The 3D digitizer scans the complete surface of a component without contact. Using millions of measuring points, ATOS software automatically calculates the 3D coordinates in the form of a high-resolution point cloud (STL triangulated mesh). This polygon mesh describes the free-form surfaces and geometries that can then be compared to drawings or directly with the CAD dataset for shape and dimension analysis.

For reverse engineering the scan data into mathematically described surfaces (NURBS surfaces) or solids, the data can be exported as a STL or as an ASCII point cloud. The export of cross-sections, tape and contrast lines as well as geometries in IGES format is possible.



The ATOS Compact Scan delivers:

  • Blue Light Technology
  • Scaleable Field of View
  • The Compact Class
  • Portable Measuring
  • Complete Measuring System


RPT 80 Roughness tester

The instrument enables you to measure surface roughness, directly on the production stage, valueing parameters according to the following standards: ISO4287/JIS B0601, ISO12085/JIS B0621 and DIN.

Main characteristics:

  • 5.7'' LCD TFT Touchscreen display, resolution 320 x 240 pixel with 256 colors
  • Embedded thermal printer
  • Measure resolution: up to 0.001 µm
  • Roughness parameters calculation according to: ISO 4287, 12085, 13565, JIS B0601
  • Tolerances control
  • USB Interface for PC connection and analysis software Measurement Studio®.
  • Micrometric regulation for the vertical positioning of the probe
  • High data storage capability


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