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Additive Manufacturing for Metals Lab

The Additive Manufacturing is equipped with a Direct Metal Laser Sintering Machine, EOSINT M270 Xtended, and a sand-blasting machine, SD9 Northblast

In this lab the goal is to realize the fundamental structural parts of the finger exoskeleton in different materials: lightweight aluminium alloys, high strength titanium alloys, new composites and smart materials developed for Additive Manufacturing.

Facilities in detail

EOSINT M 270 Xtended

This machine fuses metal powder into a solid part by melting it locally using a focused laser beam. The parts are built up additively layer by layer. Even complex geometries are created directly from 3D CAD data, fully automatically, in just a few hours and without any tooling. It is a net-shape process, producing parts with good surface quality and mechanical properties.

Wide variety of materials can be processed by this machine, ranging from light alloys via steels to superalloys.

- Effective building volume: 250x250x215 mm.
- Building speed: 2-20 mm3/s.
- Layer thickness: 20-100 μm.
- Laser type: Yb-fibre laser, 200W.
- Precision optics: F-theta lens, high speed scanner.
- Scan speed: up to 7 m/s.
- Variable focus diameter: 100-500 μm.

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Sand-blasting machine, SD9 Norblast

This machine allows enhancing quickly the finishing aspect and the mechanical properties of the surface metal components realized by the DMLS machine.
SD9 Norblast is small-size manual machine, integrated with dust suction and filtration system. Compact SD9 unit is small-size manual machine, integrated with dust suction and filtration system. The “compact” units are equipped with vacuum blasting system, which is user-friendly and simple to install. They do not need too much room for installation thanks to their tidy and compact layout.










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