Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) will contribute to building the neuromorphic neuroprosthesis that will be coupled to the bioengineered brain tissue by providing expertise in electrical characterization of memristive devices, design and fabrication of memristor arrays to be integrated with the CMOS neuron chip and optimization of devices/materials used for the array.

Politecnico di Milano https://www.polimi.it/en/

POLIMI was founded in 1863 and it is the largest technical University in Italy with more than 44000 students enrolled for education courses in architecture, engineering, and design. It includes two main campuses (Leonardo and Bovisa) and several satellite campuses in neighboring cities such as Mantova, Como, Lecco, and Piacenza. POLIMI also offers a clean room facility called Polifab, created to achieve very high technological standards for a wide range of applications and processes linked with photonics, micro and nanoelectronics, biotechnologies, advanced materials and nanotechnology.

This is the POLIMI team of the project, click on the name to expand the bio:

Daniele Ielmini | PI

I received the PhD from Politecnico di Milano in 2000. My research group in Politecnico di Milano explores nanodevices, such as memristors, and their applications in computing, such as neuromorphic computing and in-memory computing.

Valerio Milo | Post-Doc

I received the PhD from Politecnico di Milano in 2019. Currently, I am a research assistant (Post-Doc) carrying out research on neuromorphic computing with emerging non-volatile memory devices such as resistive switching memory (RRAM) or memristor.