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Distributed sensors for humanoid robots

The present trend of evolution of space systems is oriented versus enhanced integration of functions enabling increased independence from the earth (in particular in case of robotic systems) and enlarged operative envelop in terms of mission’s scope. One of the major contributions for the realization of the new generation of space systems facing such an increased performances demand is the implementation of self-diagnosis (and possibly autonomous troubleshooting and problem solving) based on an efficient health management system simulating basic schemes taken from the biological systems in a biomimic effort.


Human Gesture Recognition Systems oriented to space application

The objective is the development of prototypes based on, but not limited to, vision systems which, with an incremental approach, exploit different robot capabilities oriented to the human presence recognition, human gesture recognition, human movement / arm trajectories replica and complete (physical) tasks learning by imitation.

Both real and virtual robots will be employed in the system development.

Cognitive aspects will be developed according to bio-mimicry approach looking for learning strategies and techniques in the human and animal world.

Smart EVA Glove Prototype for a Space Certified product

The objective is the development of a prototype of a lightweight hand exoskeleton designed to be embedded in the gloved hand of an astronaut and to overcome the stiffness of the pressurized space suit. The system should be able to provide force and precision to the hand grip.

The research will be focused on the development of structural materials that will be used for the production and characterization of a lightweight exoskeleton. A particular interest will be given to smart materials and systems, in order to develop intelligent three-dimensional structures.

Magnetostrictive materials and shape memory alloys will be considered as promising innovative candidates for this kind of application.
The focus on the production technology will be directed toward the tuning of versatile techniques that will allow the coupling of the materials development with a continuous design of the kinematic and dynamic behaviour of the system.

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