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Transmission Electron Microscopy Lab

This lab is devoted to the structural characterization of materials at the nanometer scale, performed with a versatile Transmission Electron Microscope, a FEI Tecnai G2 F20 S-TWIN, 200KV. With this tool it is possible for example to investigate the crystalline structure of the materials by HR-TEM and electron diffraction, to map the composition by EDS and EELS, to reconstruct a 3D image of the sample by tomography.

TEMlab 1


Techniques available

TEM, HR-TEM, STEM, Diffraction, EFTEM, EDS and EELS Spectrum Imaging, Tomography.

Essential specifications

Point resolution (nm) 0.24

Information limit (nm) ≤ 0.15

HR STEM resolution (nm) 0.2

Cs objective (mm) 1.2

Cc objective (mm) 1.2

Focal length (mm) 1.7

Maximum eucentric tilt ± 40°

Electron source

- Schottky Field emitter with high maximum beam current (> 100 nA)

- High probe current (> 0.6 nA in a 1 nm spot)

- Small energy spread (0.7 eV@200kV or less)

- Spot drift < 1 nm/minute - High short and long term stability


- Bright Field and Annular Dark Field mode

- High sensitivity HAADF STEM detector

- Magnification range 200 x - 100 Mx

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